Consultim Finance


For more than 20 years, the group Consultim Finance has established itself as a benchmark in real estate investment with a development strategy based on a pragmatic approach. This strategy covers the entire investment value chain: from the referencing of real estate transactions to the resale of the managed property, passing by mortgage loans and accounting expertise.

Plus de 20 ans

years experience

47 000

dwellings marketed

7 billions



people working in the Group



Cerenicimo selects and offers the best property investment opportunities for the French market.

Are you looking for the best property lending solution for your English clients ? With Credifinn, call on the rental property financing experts.

Do your clients want to resell their property in the best conditions ? Recommend LB2S, the specialist in the resale of commercial lease Managed accommodation.

VP2, Private assets sales aimed at providing an exclusive offer, which translates to real savings for the investor, whilst retaining the fundamentals of real estate selection.


With Expertim, the accounting experts, your clients will considerably reduce the management time for their property.